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In his first-ever online Master Class, Wim Kiezenberg shares his insights and 30 year experience working with global brands, business development and business operations — to show you how he builds brands, develops business models and promotes digital innovation. You’ll learn his business modeling process to plug-in into your business, how to create customer value, develop viable product experiences and build a modern business with him. Your customer is waiting for you to innovate.


In today’s world, almost every business is a digital business. In every industry, business models are being transformed by the speed of light by digital technologies and the rise of disruptive tribes. To create abundance in our future, we as business owners need to adapt and develop.

New leadership is required to (re)think strategically and act on it immediately. The fast digital change demands us as business owners to create new value continuously.

This Master Class focuses on how entrepreneurs can innovate with new strategies and business models to enable their businesses to thrive in the digital age. Case studies will feature both fast growing disruptive self-employed as well as global trends in this digital age. Key themes of the Master Class include:

  • Understanding the transition from the old transaction economy.
  • Guest speakers to help you rethink your business.
  • Offering online value propositions.
  • Learning that your business model is the product.
  • Small data & how to use data as strategic sales funnels.
  • Continuous innovation through market validation.
  • Developing your own business model in four master moves.


In this Master Class, peer-to-peer learning and direct application are integral to the experience. While the Master Class frameworks are delivered using interactive live video sessions, a large part of the learning time is devoted to application of what we have learned by collaborative teams of business owners that help each other out in each of their businesses. We call them DBA cohorts. Fast moving groups whose members share a significant progress in a short period of time. You are not alone, we work as one team.

This Master Class is for start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs. All members are connected by the shared mentality to learn, grow and act on strategic insights that can be applied immediately.


DBA Master Class is here to help you to develop a business model that will create abundance in your working life. You will have your own innovated business model. You will get this on demand. Take the Master Class at your own pace and in your own time:

  • My personal guidance to develop your strategy.
  • One year access to the Master Class community.
  • Your strategic online business model on one piece of paper.
  • An execution plan to roll-out.
  • Interactive online live video group sessions with me.
  • Hand picked guest expert speakers.
  • Cohorts to collaborate with people who are on the same track.
  • All the worksheets you need.


This is the first Master Class enrollment ever, you can become one of the first one’s to embark this journey with me. Together we will design your own innovated online business model with a clear strategy.

Standard price is €249/year.

DBA Master Class starts in january 2018. Pre-enroll now for priority access and an early bird price.


One of the core qualities of successful entrepreneurs; make fast intelligent strategic decisions in our rapidly changing world. When you respond within 24 hours after visiting this landing page where you are right now, you will get:

  1. A free ask-me-anything video call with me, to get you up to speed.
  2. Early access into the Master Class during december.
  3. The early bird price: €199/year.

Pre-enroll now for an exclusive call with Wim to reserve your early access and price. Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and up-level your business strategy.

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DBA Master Class starts in january 2018.